7 tips to make Your Clothes Look More Expensive

7 tips to make Your Clothes Look More Expensive

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Fashion choices can be difficult to make. Every now and then the fashion trends change. Along with the changing patterns and the trends, what also changes is the prices. Most of the fancy and expensive dresses are usually way out of our budgets. You might love that Prada dress but are under a budget to afford the H&M dress only. In such situation, you should wisely choose those products that are acceptable in both affordability and quality such as Mondaine Watches. But how do you maintain your standing in your social circle, where everyone’s outfits look on point. It takes a little bit of effort and a little bit of cleverness to ensure that your not so expensive dress looks like a million dollars.

  1. You might want to make sure that whenever you buy clothes from either of the stores like the H&M, Urban Outfitters, forever 21, Zara, etc., your clothes actually fit you. These stores tend to have multiple choices in multiple sizes, and you will want to make sure that before you buy a particular fashionable item, it fits you perfectly. Fitted clothes tend to raise your social standing manifolds.
  2. Always wear laundered and ironed clothes. Those mini tags that are attached to the inside of your clothes actually have all the necessary information to ensure nice cleaning for your clothes. Follow those instructions. Taking all kinds of precautions and good care always makes sure that your simple clothes can look and feel expensive. Proper laundering can help you with long-term maintenance of your clothes in terms of color, size, shape and their quality.
  3. Always ensure while you are buying clothes from stores like Zara or forever 21, you look for craftsmanship. No matter how cheap in terms of price they are, clothes are an investment and thus, they are required to have sturdy zippers, stitching, material, and buttons.
  4. Opt for clean and crisp looking clothes. Be wary of embellishments and sequins. These minor embellishments can fall off and can make your clothing item look old, tattered, and cheap. Embellished jeans might look nice right now, but in the long run, simple jeans are going to be a classic.
  5. Avoid shopping for current and the latest trends from stores like these. It is not just you, but it is going to be almost everywhere. And everyone is going to know how much does it cost. Be clever, even if a particular crop top is in trend, avoid it. Look for staples like a simple dark washed jeans, or a little black dress, or even those black pumps. Classic items never go out of style.
  6. Always be creative when it comes to fashion. A basic and a simple, cheap priced outfit, when paired with the right accessories can make a whole lot of difference. The right bag with your low priced office attire can make you stand apart in your next office meeting.
  7. Opt for neutral and monochromatic colors instead of investing into colors. Colors, over a period of time, tend to wash off. Giving you the look of wearing old and cheap clothes. Neutral colors never go out of trend and fashion and they make you look expensive and sophisticated.

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