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10 Hairstyles You Have to Try Now

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The summer of 2017 has arrived, you might have planned out a trip to the beach along with your friends, family, and your loved ones. You might have yet another vacation coming up. Do you really think you would want to go to that vacation or to that beach with the old 2016 hairstyle? A big no! The times have changed from pocket watches to trendy Triwa Watches and so will your hairstyle. Your boring hairstyles of the past need to be transformed into the fun ones that will enhance not just you, your vacation, or your pictures, but also your vibes. Here are 10 latest summer hairstyles that you can try this summer for your coming vacations:

  • Beachy waves are the straight-out hairstyle for this season. Unfinished and messy beachy waves are the ultimate new thing in 2017. All you need is a curling iron, mid-sized, to make the messy waves and texturing then with the help of mousse and hairspray.
  • If you going for a vacation this summer, a sleek high ponytail combined with a fish tail plait can give you a new hairstyle- the sleek top plait. Take help of the Bobby pins and fix your hair in one go, for the rest of your day, so as to get the perfect picture memories for life.
  • Beachy waves combined with baby braids is a unique and a fun way to make your vacation time exciting. It is not just going to give you a new hairstyle, but also free-spirited festive vibes.
  • With the summer season, comes the sweat. Which means those little hair sticking to your nape all the time. To break free of this problem, a high ponytail made out of messy wavy hair can work wonders.
  • Short cut hair, with blunt ends, can give you a cool, summery, festive look this year. Plus, the hairstyle is so easy to manage.
  • Cannot bring in the courage to cut your hair off short, then keep them in between. Medium length wavy hair can help you get that heat resistant hairstyle, and at the same time, you can braid them whenever you feel like.
  • You can experiment with your hair by putting in little adornments that complement your beachy vacation look. Metal accessories and ribbons can work wonders.
  • Get yourself the sleek Scarlett Johansson look. The versatile bad girl look can give you an edge in hairstyles.
  • With a little bit of sea salt spray, you can easily manage to pull of the classic Bob hairstyle. This classic and dramatic edgy hairstyle is going to make look like a celebrity in no time.
  • Short, messy, round, childhood kind hair can look nice if you are a casual and a chic lover. The shaggier the hairstyle, the cooler you are. The smooth and the uniform cuts will transform you into the little one who didn’t care about anything but enjoying.

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